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How to Win Friendship

Of course, friendship plays a very vital role in our lives. For some of us friendship means life, and vice versa. We all have that one friend or a group of friends whom we always want to retain, and play carefully with friendship so that it may not get affected negatively. Friendship is not divine or something which maintains or repairs itself. It is we who maintain, repair or try to keep it in shape. It obviously requires the fuel which energizes it and keeps it healthy and active. Here is a brief note of an event from my college life which left me deeply affected and educated as well. We were three friends (Mr. A, Mr. B, and I). Mr. B was very funny, loved by all, and so on. Let me also add - Mr. B was just adorable. Everybody liked him, and we three liked each other even more. One day, we three were busy in a rambling talk. Suddenly Mr. A laughed and said to Mr. B, 'You are so funny, don't you have any self-respect or something!' I don't exactly remember how 'self-respect' came in between the talk, but the reply by Mr. B left me deeply affected. He said, 'You know what, I don't compromise with my self-respect. I love my self-respect so much that I won't see the person's face who messed with my self-respect. But, I never bring self-respect in friendship. I could be fatal.'

There it is! I can't say how much you agree with my friend on his view on self-respect, but he surely believed that bringing in 'self-respect' is not good for friendship. Let's talk about other points along with 'self-respect' which are the keys to win friendship -

1. Don't worry much about Self-respect - When it comes to fun and enjoyment, just keep aside your worry about self-respect or ego. No denying the fact that self-respect is as important as other essentials for survival. Our opinions may differ on 'self-respect', but when it comes to friendship you have to let your hair down. You know you win children's hearts not just by buying them chocolates, but also by acting, behaving or making fun like them. And then, you don't worry much about your EGO of self-respect.

2. 'I care' attitude - In friendship we care. And if we can't care due to some circumstances, we at least understand. Your friends talk about various problems, big or small. Take these little problems in your interest. Take it in your interest in particular if it is the time to revive your friendship. See if you can help your friend personally; if not, try to seek help for your friend in your connections. If the issue of your friend is monstrous or out of your reach, just take his hand in your hands and say I understand.

3. Keep planning - Friendship is also about planning. To achieve something we plan, and to plan we need trusted guys, and trusted guys are your friends. To keep your friendship alive talk about your plans, their plans and keep planning. Don't worry if you don't have any solid plan or any blueprint of your plan; just think of planning something in air. My friend Mr. B used to say, 'I'm planning to speak to your parents.' And that was enough to create an atmosphere of fun.

4. It's okay to talk nonsense - Well, I'm surely not talking nonsense. It is a fact that your friends miss 'nonsenses' you used to talk. These little nonsenses tickle your funny bones and bring smiles on the faces of your friends. I have seen people crying while recalling old pal's nonsenses.

5. Never say 'Good-bye' forever - Well, the thing is my good friend Mr. B is very busy and has got a family to run. Circumstances don't allow him to mess with us anymore. It's been three years of our separation, and we miss him. We had lots of fun together, after all. But don't think for a second that he's not our friend anymore. He never said good-bye to us. We may forget to connect to him over phone or through SMS and social-media, but he keeps us 'poking' once a week. We are connected even today, and we would 'plan' something very soon.


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