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How To Be A High Quality Male

Most guys resist the idea of becoming a "player." There's plenty of movies, and stories of guys that are labeled as "players" and then find "the one" only to get rejected because they are a "player."

However, the skills of a "player" are really the same skills you need to meet that one special girl. Which is perfect, since many guys aren't worried in about increasing their numbers.

They don't want notches on their bedposts, or tons of numbers on their list.

They're just looking for ONE special girl that will make life magic.

Absolutely NOTHING wrong with this. In fact, most guys would do well to forget about getting laid with as many girls as possible, and learn to find the ONE GIRL that will make everything easier.

But here's something to consider.

The very same skills that will allow some guys to walk up to any cute girl and talk her into bed within an hour or so are the SAME skills that will allow YOU to walk up to any girl, and simply talk to her for an hour or so to screen her to see if she may be THE ONE.

The truth is that for many guys, saying that they are waiting for "The One" is really an excuse to stay safely on the sidelines where there's no chance of rejection.

Almost every girl in the world, whether she be the type who ends up as notches in bedposts or she's ALSO waiting for "The One" isn't likely going to any approaching.

In fact, girls that likely fall into "The One" category in guys' minds (what most guys refer to as "High Quality Women") are much LESS likely to do any approaching.

Meaning that if you're looking for THE ONE, and not just an easy lay, you're going to be MORE SKILLS than guys who are just having one night stands.

And not just approaching skills. Conversation skills. Human skills. The ability to START CONVERSATIONS with people, and really listen. Find out what's important to them. Take responsibility for the direction of the conversation.

If you are looking for "The One," or a "High Quality Woman," then you've got to BE "The One," or a "High Quality Male."

The kind of guy who doesn't sit around and wait for things to happen. The kind of guy who makes things happen.


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